10 Lifehacks For Happiness

You have to be reminded that happiness in whatever degree is your own responsibility. Do not solicit happiness from others, or worse, beg for it. Remember, that as we have been thought, and might still be true is that…

Happiness is a matter of perspective!

What it means is that two people will be picking the same candy on the shelf, but the reaction, perception or appreciation toward the same object will be different. You see, same object of interest, different perception. Even the happiness they feel are at different degrees. As to why, no one knows. At most, we can just scientifically hypothesize. And at best, we can share some common sparks for happiness.


These lifehacks for happiness though, are not foolproof. Which means, this might work for you – but not for others. Your happiness might even be a nightmare for others. A lovely perfume scent brings you back to a dance with a crush in a senior prom where you were tickled pink. While for others, it might just be a last scent of a heartbreak.

1. Live Simply

Simplicity might just strike a shallow note in our understanding. It is hard to nail simplicity with crystal clear exactitude. Simplicity would mean different degrees to different people in different walks of life. But common sentiment says that simplicity is being temperate, selfless, unassuming, true, humble yet noble.

We all heard stories of people comparing the simplicity of the past and the complexity of the present. There might be a whole slice of truth to that. Older generations tend to have less qualms about a mobile app rendering an error on send, they have less stress, less physiological rust, less devices – and more sleep. While present generations, well, just think about the complete opposite of those.

So, live simply. Always try to simplify things. Remember one of the wisest guys who ever lived this world, Archimedes has to say about simplicity, “…the shortest distance between two points – is a straight line.” Avoid beating around the bush, especially in dealing with life. You get the most out of it if you live simply and go straight to the point.

Next time you drink your cup of joe try ditching out the creamer, floats or even too much sugar – just the coffee. Savor the taste and aroma of an unadulterated goodness of coffee simplicity.

If you want to learn simplicity strand by strand, you need to Learn Zen Simplicity ➤


2. Learn To Save

First thing in mind is financial savings of course. Though you can save anything, from a clean sheet of tissue paper up to the last morsel of food on the plate, money is one thing that is so coveted yet very illusive to save for. Yet, when you’re able to muster the art of saving, this could be a small step for you but a big leap for your happiness and wellbeing.

Keeping out of debt, cultivating fair frugality, practicing contentment and delayed gratification are essential recipes into filling-up your emotional pocket with savings of happiness.

Though we talked about money being the hardest to come by and save, saving is one thing but letting it grow while you save it is another. Who doesn’t want that?

Happiness just got better with savings, but best with investment that makes it grow – Learn your way to it here ➤

3. Feel Good, Do Good

Notice that when you feel good and feel good about yourself, it is far easier to do good. Notice that it is easier to smile when you feel good, easier to give help when you feel good, easier to do a job when you feel good and far easier to forgive when you feel good.

What you do then is strive to train your mind to always feel good. The real secret to this is to remember all the stuff that made you feel good and recreate them, multiply them and practice them everytime. Another thing that you can do, is avoid unnecessary negativity and pessimism in life that is destructive to your emotional well-being. Life is short and you only live once.

If it’s having a hearty meal that makes you feel good, then do so. If it’s walking around the block early in the morning, then go walk with a skip on your step and a smile on your face. If it’s watching a movie, reading books, playing computer games, poking jokes with friends – hey, by all means!

If you have proven to yourself that feeling good is your breeding ground of happiness, know that there could be A Science On How To Always Feel Good, won’t you try that? ➤


4. Pliant As A Bamboo

You’ll be very hard-pressed to see a bamboo leveled to the ground after a raging storm. When you become pliant as bamboo, this means that you need to exercise flexibility. Be yielding enough to bend with the raging storms of life – from a situation that calls you to change your lifestyle up to giving your way for others point-of-view without being too conformist.

“Resistance is futile…” goes the famous movie adage. If you think about it, why go against the course wind when you can go fly with it. Some resistance in life is worth a drop of your morale, but most are just plain mediocrity.

So the next time you get into an elaborate discussion with your wife on what movie to watch, yield-in. Winning over an unhappy wife is not worth a whisker of triumph.

5. Gratitude Is Altitude

Being thankful despite life’s careless whispers, helps you find the bright side of life or the light at the end of the tunnel. That means that life is not all woes and adversities. There will always be colorful rainbows to ride on at the back of a dark cloud.

Being thankful brute-forces your mind to find the needle of optimism amongst the haystack of predicaments. It enables your mind to believe in the Easter Bunny – even if it’s not there. And in the outset, gratitude will give you inner peace, clarity of mind, will to move on and happiness at the end of the day.

So, be thankful for the rain, the soil, the sunshine – your job, our wife, the roof on your head. Especially if they are the only things left.


6. The Bright Side Of Life

Some say that if they could become a plant for a day, they would be a Sunflower because Sunflowers always follow and face the sun. It seems that they always want to face the brighter side of the day. Whatever that phenomenon is, we are sensient human beings and we are not flowers to think first off. We are free willing beings that freely choose what to face and to follow – could be the sun, the moon or the darkness.

Cultivate for yourself an optimistic predisposition in life, no matter what and despite of. Make your mind the warehouse of good will, good vibes, happiness and pure loving thoughts. But this doesn’t mean that you’ll go naive of the world’s woes and cares. Be the man that you are and know the difference.

But things are usually easily said and done, the best thing you can do sometimes is go and be guided on How To Train Your Mind To Face The Bright Side Of Life ➤

7. Give A Hand

Do you notice a heartwarming strange feeling everytime you are able to help someone in need? Do not refuse or overlook that. That feeling will actually lead you to feel good about yourself. And by feeling good, it helps you to extend your tentacles more easily to do more good and be happy in the outset.

One of the most necessary and desirable traits of a human being is the capability to extend a hand to someone who needs help, which consequently gives off the same necessary and desirable effect – emotionally and morally.


8. Genuine Interest

Look no further if you want to learn about genuine interest than the man’s best friend, your dog. Your dog is a concrete archetype of genuine interest towards a master. The dog does not show interest in you just because he wants to marry you, nor does he wags his tail because he wants to sell insurance to you, or licks your nose because he wants to court you.

The dog freely does these not out of covert motives but solely out of his purest genuine interest in you as his master and his best friend.

And how do you wish to further your happiness than to instill and practice genuine interest without strings attached.

9. Right Intentions

Right intentions are the DNA of our actions. In the court of jurisprudence, the culpability of an action also depends on one’s intentions.

Doing things with right intentions, though no one sees your intention, will leave you guiltless and free from the fetters of worries which makes you sad. Pure good and right intention is a sure recipe for happiness. Imagine a freewheeling you walking down the street with a smile on your face all because you have nothing to fear as you have done things in its purest good intentions.

From now on do things with right intentions and be free as a rolling tide.


10. Your Best For The Day

If you are a goal oriented individual, you are for sure familiar with the feeling of not being able to accomplish a task you schedule to finish in a day. You feel a harrowing lacuna from within. There is a feeling of dissatisfaction, an incompleteness you feel like you weren’t able to successfully seal the door for the day.

More often, this happens if you are not able to do your best shot. You existed for a day, but you live amidst unnecessary and desirable distractions causing you not to accomplish things.

Few of the immediate things you can do to get the most out of the day and be happy at the outset is first to focus, good time management and to promise yourself that you will accomplish whatever it takes! That’s right, whatever it takes. Because no amount of productivity apps, inspirational messages or guru will be able to make you do the most of the day other than a concrete action to accomplish things whatever it takes.

There you go with the top ten list for your happiness. Remember, they are not just the way to happiness. There could be 1001 ways of being happy. And there are more ways leverage your emotional pocket, such as this non-sectarian organization that is dedicated to scientifically instill and teach you how to be happy in life – now, walk The Way To Happiness ➤




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Sweet, I blame you not, for mine the fault was, had I not been made of common clay. I had climbed the higher heights unclimbed yet, seen the fuller air, the larger day. From the wildness of my wasted passion I had struck a better, clearer song, Lit some lighter light of freer freedom, battled with some Hydra-headed wrong. – Oscar Wilde

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