10 Things You Need To Know About Aspirins

Aspirin is a world-renowned pain-killer and reliever. It has become a household name that it went beyond hospital walls and became a regular household over the counters. Here are are handful of things you might need to know about Aspirins before even taking them.

1. Aspirins are pain relievers. You might be taking them indiscriminately, such so that you might have an underlying medical condition that is being dulled by taking aspirin. So, beware.

2. Aspirins are not cures nor are they regular meds and maintenance – they are just simple pain-relievers and should just be treated as such.


3. Consult a doctor if you have persistent symptoms or pains. A couple of days or more that a pain is still persistent despite all those aspirins you take, would give you a red light to go visit a doctor. But most doctors agree that aspirins are invaluable for the relief of headaches, menstrual pains and cold symptoms. In fact, without aspirin doctors would have a very busy Monday mornings due to the influx of patients from all those simple pains.

4. Rule of 3 in taking aspirins. Depending on your physician’s advice – never take more than 3 aspirins in one setting or 6 aspirins in a day.

5. Elderly people are used to taking aspirins every night and every morning. This could be habitually malforming since aspirin should be part of your daily grind as it is not considered maintenance med nor a supplement. Remember, aspirin is Acetyl-Salicylic Acid which could irritate the delicate lining of your stomach causing internal bleeding. Though this happens only to those prolonged users.

6. One of the best ways to take aspirin is to crush them with water or after a meal. Note however, that people with stomach upset and ulcers should avoid aspirin totally for a risk of internal bleeding.


7. Like all drugs, aspirin should be kept out of children’s reach. In cases where children swallowed an aspirin, stick a finger into his throat to vomit out and give him little salted water to drink and bring him immediately to the nearest hospital.

8. Aspirin often is used in suicidal tendencies. Sometimes swallowing large does fail due to the stomach rejecting the doses. However, the pathologist agrees that 5 tablets are fatal enough to carry out the intention.

9. Apart from aspirin’s pain-relieving capability, it has significant effect in reducing inflammation and therefore a very good medication for rheumatism. However, rheumatoid patients should still consult their doctor for proper prescription. Nevertheless, the medical society agrees that aspirin is one of the miracle pills of all time.

10.) Simple aspirin synthetic formulation includes mixture of phenol and caustic soda which is dried in a rotating ball mill with added carbon dioxide.

Again as a golden rule for health – Prevention is still better than cure. And if symptoms persists, consult your doctor immediately.



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