12 Lifehacks To Ward-Off Boredom

They say that a mind in boredom is the playground of the devil. That maybe is the reason why eating the Apple at the Garden of Eden is justified. Adam and Eve were so bored of their eternal paradisiacal grind in the garden that eating the apple is more exciting than heeding the imperative.

Who doesn’t get bored, anyway. Do you know that even doing the most exciting things you’ve been doing is getting boring over time? Back and forth to work is one thing, and doing your daily mediocrity is double the whammy.

Well, here are hadfulls of boredom kickers that you may even know most of them. They are not foolproof bordedome snatchers – but they work!

1. Make Friends

Simple yet noble. You may think you know everyone in town? Well, not until you hear them tell their own interesting stories yet. Much better than watching your telenovelas. Now, this is a real person telling you their stories minus the flat screen.

Ditch out those personality types BS they kept reminding you of. Go beyond borders and redefine stereotypes – go make friends!

2. Family Fun

If you are a family man or woman, which I bet you do, then have fun with your family. These days where family figures are hooked either with their work schedules or some other modern disruptions, a walk in the park with kids is a luxury. Forget about a Disney tour, a walk in the neighborhood is probably more satisfying. After all you only need to shake-off the rust.

3. Take a Detour

Sometimes there are two things that joggles in your mind – boredom and worries. You get bored of washing your soiled uniforms. But you worry about what to wear come weekdays for work. The answer is you can’t do away with washing your uniform unless you have more viable options left. Take a detour instead, stay away from it for a moment and take a slack time. Go play with your dog, walk around the neighborhood (but don’t forget to come back) or smell the roses, literally – then confront your choires later and notice the difference.


4. Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Watch yourself in the mirror. Really, just watch yourself in the mirror. It takes away boredom, experts say. Besides, if you really look interesting, how boring can you get! Keeping yourself well-groomed takes away the rust of the grind significantly. So, take time in trimming yourself to brawn and beauty.

5. Work Work Around

One of the notoriously boring jobs you can ever get in this world is no other than your (corporate) job itself. Imagine yourself doing things 8-10 hours a day – same road, same bus, same boss, same boring paper stacks in front of your face. How do you think you’re going to go around this? Well, it’s all up to you. They say, there are thousands of ways of killing a cat. Maybe, there are thousands of ways of going to your job, talking to your boss and dealing with those paper stacks in front of you.

Here are handful of particular advice on How To Get Excited With Your Job Again ➤

6. Recreate Your Recreation

Have fun not because others need it for you to do it, but because you love doing it. Just for a change, recreate yourself. If you’re daily grind is facing in front of a flat panel monitor because you are an IT professional, why not try go fishing sometimes or go sustainable by planting your veggies instead of buying them. Just have fun!


7. Be Your Best Interior Designer For A Day

Your house is one of the best places to get bored if you have nothing to do around it. Why not be the best interior designer for a day? Rearrange everything to your heart’s content. Change the position of the dining table, wipe dusty areas, revisit old books on the shelf that you don’t read at all. Just start turning anything in your house that you haven’t turned in centuries.

Notice how time flies so fast in a day!

8. Discipline From Routine

Your job is not only the aspect of your life that is killing you to death with boredom – it’s your domestic life as well. Most of the time, you are being caught in a routine inside your house. That routine can include donning the disher, doing laundry, dusting things and everything. If these get too routinary for you, then here’s one breakthrough suggestion for you.

Leave your house dirty for just a day! (How breakthrough is that!) 

Yes. Just stay out of your self-woven rat race. Get out of the house – watch a movie, stroll the mall, get some lunch, walk in a park.

Just don’t forget to be where you are! And when you go home, notice that added energy!

9. Light As Feather

They say, “Don’t take life too seriously, after all no one gets out of this life alive!”

True, life has two sides – this side and the other side. It always comes with the brighter and the darker side. You might be lingering too much on the dark side. Why not come out to the bright side – watch funny movies, read funny jokes, talk to hilariously funny friends, get green with grin jokes – hey by all means, right?

If you insist on handfuls of jokes Click Here ➤


10. I, Me and Myself

Notice that even with the loud noise of our technologically hyped era, it can still be so damn boring. Sometimes, you get so filled-up that that you almost want to explode like a ticking bomb. If you feel like this, just take few steps behind – or better yet, run away from it for a moment. Go, be alone. Compose yourself. Go into the forest and try what they call Grounding where you walk in the forest or on the grassland barefoot. It has superb physical and emotional benefits you may not know yet.

Learn more about What is Grounding and its Health Benefits ➤

11. Read Books Instead Of Read Tube

Reading books these days has declined too much in favor of the blue light. Every bit and pieces of information we need comes from the internet which we solicit through our computers or our mobile phones. But as comfy and sophisticated it may be, blue light has its own share of hazard towards our mental and physical well-being. Maybe, you haven’t read books since you’ve been engrossed with using your mobile phone or computer. Try reading for sometime in real soft or hardcover books and know the difference – it’s nostalgic!

12. No Vision On Television

Believe it or not if television is your source of disinfectant for infectious boredom, but it can also be your source of the same thing. You might have noticed sometimes that you can no longer appreciate any movies no matter how bloody blockbuster they may be. That’s because your brain now recognizes the monotony – that almost every movie out there is more often predictable, very simplistic and littered with shallow story lines.

It’s now time for your brain to shake off that boredom brought about by boring entertainment. Get out and see the sunlight, see the green lush of the earth, breath real air of life from the outside.



Author's Corner

Sweet, I blame you not, for mine the fault was, had I not been made of common clay. I had climbed the higher heights unclimbed yet, seen the fuller air, the larger day. From the wildness of my wasted passion I had struck a better, clearer song, Lit some lighter light of freer freedom, battled with some Hydra-headed wrong. – Oscar Wilde

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