6 Reasons To Think Twice On High Protein Diet

We are speaking about the “High Protein Diet” and not any other individual approach to the use of protein nor we are sending a bad taste in your mouth regarding protein. Protein is very important! You can skip on other bodily elements such as fat or sugar but not on protein. It is very essential in building healthy bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood. However, we are being told and even our mental reflex will tell us that an extra amount of protein means extra muscles or energy. That’s what we think, but it is not.

Extra protein may even give you an extra health burden if the source of protein is not clean. And by itself, the excess protein will burden your liver and kidney. And there are 6 reasons for you to take a hazard on overly optimizing yourself on protein.


1. Toxins from meat can encourage cancer cells.

Our DNA is the target object of the toxic byproduct of excessive protein digestion. Note that our DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) is the blueprint of the out body. It is our cell commander. The cell obeys whatever the DNA commands them to do. Further, our blood contains red blood cells, white blood cells as well as lymphocytes. They are the front liners in defending our body against bacterias and viruses. They render bacterias and viruses harmless. But when these cells are also damaged by harmful toxins coming from excessive protein synthesis, we get lost in the defense. As an outset, infection sets in. And the probability of your cells mutating due to the vexation to the cells by the toxins is more likely to develop cancerous cells.

2. Protein may cause Allergic Reactions

In cases where protein is not properly broken down into readily useful and digestible nutrients, these proteins can enter the bloodstream through the absorption in the intestinal wall. The common sufferers, in this case, are small children. When foreign protein enters the bloodstream, it is treated by the body as an enemy and therefore reacts to it, causing an allergic reaction. That is why excessive protein intake is the precursor of atrophic dermatitis, hives, collagen diseases, ulcerative colitis, and Crohn’s disease.

3. Excess Protein Stresses the Liver and the Kidney

Protein and excess protein has to be broken down into disposable substances and have to be excreted using the urine. Consequently, the liver and the kidney are the main metabolizers of protein. And for obvious reason, an excessive amount of it will put these two organs into an unhealthy frenzied effort to work out the excess.


4. Excessive Protein can lead to a Lack of Energy

Extra and unneeded protein is not completely metabolized and therefore goes to waste and putrefy in the intestine. Lack of energy comes when the energy needed for your daily activities is diverted into detoxifying the free radicals created by the excess protein. Note, that the higher the amount of energy needed to process express protein, the more free radicals are created. This results eventually into a fast aging process, cancer, heart disease, and atherosclerosis.

5. Excessive Protein causes Calcium Deficiency

Our blood becomes acidic when a very large amount of amino acid (a building block of protein) is found in the blood. To neutralize acidity, calcium is needed which is withdrawn from your bones and teeth. It is also a known fact that meat has a higher phosphorus level. Phosphorus and calcium bind which creates calcium phosphate. The body, however, does not need this element. So, it is excreted to the bloodstream again and so the need for calcium to be taken from the blood increase. Since bones lose a lot of calcium, the resultant disease is osteoporosis or porous bones.

6. Excess Protein Contributes to ADHD in Children

The modern way of life has shown a generous amount of increased fat, protein, and refined sugar consumption, especially with children. All these contribute to blood acidity levels. And again, to neutralize the acidity, calcium will be taken accordingly from the bones causing in the long run, calcium deficiency. Calcium deficiency irritates the nervous system causing nervousness and irritability, especially to children.

These are just handfuls of the undesirable effects of too much indulgence on good things such as protein. But there could be more ill effects of excessive protein intake as there is more to celebrate on the benefits of protein in our body.

References: The Enzyme Factor by Hiromi Shinya, MD. Pp. 15-16 Supra.



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