6 Spiritual Stages of Awakening – A Personal Reflection

“It would take a hundred million reincarnations or life times just to reach this stage. It is the authentic clairvoyance, which is the clarity of purpose finding out the very reason why we need to be born in this life over and over again…”

1. Chaos

Or spontaneous awakening: like in my case, I awoke in this journey during a midlife crisis wherein I quit my job for no reason.

2. Bliss

This state is the most exciting state but very short lived period. Like an icing of a cake, it’s a foretaste of sweet heavens wherein meditations are colorful and ecstatic. Like in my case again, I had open the pineal gland or commonly known as 3rd eye Chakra, and heal my spiritual wounds almost very abruptly. When I opened my heart and solar plexus Chakras, learning was so fast like it’s so instantaneous. Discovering my spirit guides and my spirit animals which in turn gave confidence for a self-acclamation of becoming a master-teacher-soul vibrating for the first time on 5D.

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3. Dark Night

Like St. John of the Cross in his celebrated opus, “The Dark Night of the Soul” is a very long and overwhelmingly distressful period of awakening and purification that is the total opposite of the Bliss phase. It is a long and bewildering confrontation of all sort of spiritual wounds Carl Jung coined as ‘shadows’.

Like most of our favorite sins, concupiscence, one of the darkest and dirtiest desires we badly need to eradicate. For the reason we undergo purification and purgation of the soul in its entire detail and density is to remove or at least embrace and be reconciled with all our shadows, as we brought it to the lime light.

This period of sharpening the soul is our darkest nights. Here I learn gratitude that both pain and suffering are different but both are blessings. In gratitude, I heal my self and talk to my inner child for the first time. I discovered that he is my higher self, the authentic ego-less me, who is in the heart of God long before I was born.

With these, I became a better and sharper spiritual being. Here I develop a wider and bigger opening of my heart Chakra that in my meditations can encompass the whole world, or the deep space I fly by. But very truly, this period is tremendously horrible. Sometimes, during my sleep it feels like I’m fighting demons and hear slaughtered and evil voices leading me to contemplate the thoughts of suicide, like schizophrenia.

4. Nothingness

And the only being out there is me. It is void about a hundred times painful than Dark Night. This phase is even longer than Dark Night. It is likened to a great abyss of formless empty space. It is pure emptiness, loneliness, feeling deserted or betrayed, total darkness.

That time if you are weak it can drive you crazy. It’s a barren wasteland, a no mans land of the soul! It is in fact the most traumatic spiritual phase, but its inevitable, we cant help but painfully and patiently chill into it; like a larva in a dark cocoon waiting to be transformed into a butterfly.

5. Grounding

Grounding is the second yet matured version of the Bliss stage. In fact, it is the actual spiritual growth towards enlightenment or at least spiritual maturity. Like a seed, we need to die and bury the old self and took its nourishment from the Dark night and void phases to have roots and grow. Like a seed buried on a dark dirty soil, I need to die from my own comfort zone.

To die from my usual old self, which is my life right now that is really is painful. I need to die to my very own pride, to all honors and fame I used to enjoy, and to my own reputations, I build over the years— that very old self must die!

It is very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds. Anyone who loves their life will lose it, while anyone who hates their life in this world will keep it for eternal life. (John 12:24)

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6. Soul Mission

It would take a hundred million reincarnations or life times just to reach this stage. It is the authentic clairvoyance, which is the clarity of purpose finding out the very reason why we need to be born in this life over and over again. Others argue that this phase is the state of Buddhahood.

However, Christian traditions who removed reincarnation in the picture, asserts that this is no other than Holiness of life. It is the experience of Heaven or the Beatific Vision of the Triune God even here on earth, rightfully called as Sainthood.

Jesus (who of course is exceptional for he is God mare man), Siddhartha Gautama or the person believed to have lived a thousand years in the mountains of Nepal, Mahatavar Babaji among others reached this state and are called the enlightened Ones. They break the bonds of Karma and affirm to have been the ascended Masters having the highest vibrations of the esoteric mystical metaphysics – the 12th Dimensional Density, or commonly known as 12D.


Joven Manlapaz

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Joven, a former seminarian, was a former public School Teacher a fellow academe who advocates meditative journal, a reflective recording of prayers, meditation and reading. He also enjoys sharing his philosophical, scientific and spiritual insights and pedagogical tips on familiar online platforms that carries his drafts and the aphorisms that inspired his learners and audiences in all walks of life. By sharing his profound aphorisms and excerpts in his journals he stirs and inspires his readers to view life philosophically in a broader perspective.

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