6 Things You Should Know About Axie Infinity

You should have been dreaming of playing while earning or earning while playing, either way, which ever comes first. This kind of game is seem like a dream within a dream, thinking like, it’s impossible and not going to happen. Well, hold your horses. It’s here now!

Axie infinity, is I guess, the first ever game in the world that literally offer player the opportunity to earn while they enjoy playing the game.

Actually, winning a booty from playing games is not too alien, but only if you are the best among the rest. Famous digital games that offer monetary rewards for winners are World of WarcraftDota 2Call of Duty MobileCounter StrikeMobile Legends and more. Since the dawn of digital gaming, billions and billions of dollars have been at stake for tournament winners. But that’s it. No more no less.

Axie Infinity on the other hand, don’t need special selection to play the game and best of all, earn and get paid.

Source: Axie Infinity

One caveat though, Axie infinity is not free to play. You buy the Characters to play the game. Well, just like any other game, you spend to level-up – and that’s it, you just spend.

With Axie’s new genre that tickles everyone’s pursuit to financial wellness, this game is big hit. But should you jump right into the bandwagon? Oh well, there are at least 6 points you need to ponder before you do.

Dig on!

Axie Infinity is a Cryptocurrency game

If you happen to just woke up from a long hyper sleep from the distant past, you may learn more about cryptocurrency here. Yes, Axie Infinity is a cryptocurrency game. I myself have been wondering about this even before it came to pass. And now it’s here. You do play the game by buying (with real money) characters from the Axie Infinity website. Your money is converted into Ethereum as main currency inside the game and further broken down into SLP (Small Love Postion) one of the in-game currency used to breed Axie characters. The Characters you buy are considered technically called NFT or Non-Fungible Tokens. This token represents value both monetary and on its own. These characters can be upgraded and trained to be more superior against any other players.

It may not BE the only Crypto Game out there

As of this writing, it maybe Axie Infinity alone basking the Crypto Wonderland. But it might not be too long before others will make traction out there. After all, this idea is not at all a pioneering brainchild. Hundreds of creators somewhere out there might be brewing their own cup of crypto gaming genre. No need to rush into the bandwagon. You might want to check out some promising Crypto Games coming up here.

It has stability and security problems

This early, the game is encountering demeaning circumstances such as hacking, commonly known as DDOS Attacks. It is also touted as purporting to being a Ponzi Scheme. All and because of it’s unusual earning mechanic. The likes of Ponzi where it collects money and disappears when the payload is satiated.

Secondly, just like any other digital commodities, Axie is not immaculate and is laced with technical glitches where hundreds of players cannot log-in, play or withdraw funds. Other glitches may surface as the game develops and encounters brute intrusion. But with the developer’s determination for utter security, safety will then outweigh conventional issues.

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People are quitting jobs for this CRAZE

But not yet! Axie foundation is on loamy soil yet that might be blown away at any time. Though promising, but not as promising as your corporate grind. You would be better off making this yet as your side hustle rather than a replacement. Again, as stated above, Axie is a digital asset will always be littered with glitches added to that being a Crypto-based system inheriting its volatility in the market.

Characters might not appeal to you

Characters seems to be cute and cuddly Pokémon-inspired creatures. But for some gamers, the characters might not be too appealing as they look like childish and comical to a seasoned FPS and elaborate character gamers. But if game figures and design won’t make you budge an eyelash, then game on!

Characters are getting expensive OVER TIME

Just like any other Crypto in the marketplace that fluctuates like crazy, Axie is dependent on the Ethereum valuation. And as the game ripened, characters are getting expensive and the possibility of retiring older characters is of great possibility.

Secondly, gaming satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) may start to sit in – where players are yearning for enjoyment over earnings. So, developers will upgrade and create more characters and therefore phasing out older ones. And with upgrades, comes upbeat prices warding off not to affluent players. But these are just hypothetical forecast and may or may not happen. Just be on guard.

So, in general consensus should you jump in? Well, why not. But as always, bring with you a grain of salt. Which means always be cautious when spending your hard-earn money specially this early showcase of digital promises.

Ready for it anyway – Learn More and Play Here!



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