7 Lifehacks For Getting A Raise In Your Job

Asking for a raise seems still a taboo in a corporate grind between a boss and worker. It sends a bad taste in the mouth of a boss and a grimace in the face of an employee. If you ever wonder if this could be you and even wonder if there are simple hacks that will let you get that coveted career mileage?

Well there are! Note though, that these job hacks are not foolproof they might not work all the time in all circumstances – but they do work!

1. Walk The Extra Mile

Give more and you get more! I don’t know, but this is how the universe works, especially said by those well meaning motivational speakers, “the universe will conive…”. Buy hey, whatever it is this one tip will definitely bring you a step ahead over the others.

2. Make All The Cogs Mesh

What this means is that, first things first – do what your boss wants you to do. Ok, you can go walk an “extra couple of miles” but if it’s not what your boss wants you to do – the cog wouldn’t mesh-up. Remember, you are hired for a specific purpose – do that purpose first and foremost and everything else follows.

Fire_In_Me_7 Lifehacks_Getting_A_Raise_Get_Along

3. Get Along

Maybe, even more important than the rest. After all you are working with emotional individuals just like you. Remember, emotions are the underlying factor that drives the economy. It makes people spend, sign a contract, buy a business and raise a salary.

4. Get Acknowledged

Make a targeted resounding whistle every time you do something profound inside your company. Make sure your boss knows what you’re accomplishing. But be not like an irritating sounding gong.

Fire_In_Me_7 Lifehacks_Getting_A_Raise_Decision_Maker

5. Be A Decision Maker

You know how a sound decision making skill is highly a crowned jewel in the corporate world. This puts you ahead not just in the payroll line-up but also in the coveted corporate position. So, learn to make a solid decision and position yourself as a reliable pillar of your corporate division.

6. Extend Your Tentacles Further

This is to say, just extend your hand to a reachable available task in your department. You might need to take to heart this particular tantra, “Hey, if you need help just let me know!” Simple yet noble.

Fire_In_Me_7 Lifehacks_Getting_A_Raise_Product_Knowledge

7. Keep Your Product Knowledge

Be knowledgeable about your company’s inner workings. Have a good product knowledge, management knowledge. Imagine yourself in the position of a high tier ranking individual in your company such as the CEO, Manger or the Vise-President. Don’t get used to an easy and comfortable position inside the box. Get out and reach out!

If you do, you might not just be asking for a raise, but vieng your way to a desirable corporate position as well. And if you might, there is a way more life in the corporate than hustling your way up for a salary raise.

Try these out and let me know how it worked!



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