8 Lifehacks For First-Time Moms

The first time you anticipate that bundle of joy coming up, you tend to be a little disoriented. As a mom, you wonder how you are going to handle this growing grace from the inside out. What nutrition are you going to be in? What food to eat? How to handle cravings and aversions? And even more often your mental faculty dangles a mile from thinking what your baby’s first birthday venue looks like to how he looks like on his 80th?

But hey, stay calm and read. Humanity would never go this far if child bearing and rearing is as complicated as Einstein’s Relativity. More often child rearing is more of the mother’s instincts rather than rocket sciences.

Dig into these handfuls of lifehacks for you.

1. Have a life

Alright, take your baby-sitting with you while your bundle of joy is still small. Being housetied is good, but being fully alive and having your regular life after birth is best. Your baby is better off with a happy mother than a bored and homebound mom.

2. Baby should sleep on necessity

Don’t put pressure on her sleep time even on the waking hours. We usually have the notion that babies find it hard to sleep in the night when he sleeps too much on the waking day instead. Well, concrete human experience seems to agree with our naked experience – but experts do collectively disagree.

3. Family Planning services must be engaged

Two-ways, first-off, it is physically unhealthy for moms to have a consecutive birth. Secondly, it is financially burdening specially for moms below the comfortable income margin.

4. Loosen up on Potty Training in the first year

Your baby doesn’t have any full control yet of his bladder and bowels not until he’s at least 15 months old.


5. Take easy on your baby’s weight gain

No need to weigh your joy regularly, except maybe for instinctual curiosity as a mom, unless the doctor says otherwise.

6. Skip the skips on different milk formulas

If you encounter difficulty feeding, it is more likely in the way you feed the baby not on the formula. There babies that even have an issue with formula milk such as allergies and intolerance. Consult a pediatrician instead.

7. Emotional Potpourri

Jealousy may arise in your family circle. A husband can get jealous too for the attention a new baby is getting. Grandparents too may even enter the scene. So, be ready to deal with all these.

8. Someone at your side

Always, you’d be in the best position in your first time to rear your child by having someone at your side. Your husband for obvious reasons, your mom, grandparents or anybody that will at least take the other side of the balance when the tipping point is almost going to give in.

Remember, there is no need to radically change your way of life for as long as you give your child the utmost care it needs at your comfortable mom power. Even if you are a working mom, and there is no other way to go around to earn a living without leaving your child, then by all means ask for help. Everybody needs some help somewhere in the episodes of their life – and for you, it’s becoming a first time mom!



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Sweet, I blame you not, for mine the fault was, had I not been made of common clay. I had climbed the higher heights unclimbed yet, seen the fuller air, the larger day. From the wildness of my wasted passion I had struck a better, clearer song, Lit some lighter light of freer freedom, battled with some Hydra-headed wrong. – Oscar Wilde

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