Aphorisms: Language Of The Heart

There is a deeper reason why we need to undergo the hard time and the rough days of our lives, as gold is tested on fire, so too is our lives to make it pure, humble yet blameless. Indeed, we find ourselves in the moments of doubt and obscurity of our lives. This is not just in the matter of the spirit, but also in a rational and deeply philosophical manner. Considering the hermeneutical analysis of Paul Ricoeur on the Cartesian Cogito: ‘(The Crisis of the Cogito, 1996) and to my surprise this analysis could have been figuratively or even metaphorically as the language of the heart. Truly, the heart has its reason or reasons that reason itself could not understand, we know the truth not only by reason but also by the heart (Blaise Pascal, Pensées, 1670).

If the Cartesian Cogito (R. Descartes, Cogito Ergo Sum, 1637) can be held as an opening juncture, a point of departure the modernists and postmodern agenda of knowing and understanding the truth and human mind asserts in the modern inter-subjectivity. It is only in such extent that that ‘I‘, the Ego or so self is taken for the first time in the position as its foundation or so to speak the final arbiter and carrier of the thinking process. This raised awareness of the thinking self as it asserts that, when there is doubt there will always be fear, the fear of the unknown. There is something about the doubts that awakens the power of the mind to find our truest selves, and along the way we can all say, ‘I AM’! It is as perennial as our search for meaning and purpose, why am I here? It is the crisis upon which greater heights of knowing our own knowing comes along.

Alongside knowing the self, comes the inter-subjective understanding of the self, our very own personhood. This is the most essential movement of the thinking self, that is us, to be widely inquisitive. It is our desire to find the truth about ourselves and about the things of this world (why am I here?) and beyond (why do I have to face death; where am I going?).

The language of the heart simply depicts the thrust of knowing the greater authenticity of our being. It encapsulates the raw nature of ourselves essentially as a thinking subject capable of comprehending inwardly and is able to assert nature from the outside. This essential movement of human nature pierced us inevitably with the silent voices calling from the recesses of our soul, to decipher the rudimentaries of being human.

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Truly, learning and understanding are vestiges of man, a true mark of being human. Knowing our own knowing comes into our innate deeper nature intellectually and spiritually mature. Thus, we can dream and strike our might to make dreams happen real, to look at life outside the context of our past, present, and future and even accept or re-invent ourselves to build a better ‘I Am’. But knowing by doubting or even questioning our very own existence, is indeed a language-less language, a silent voice that calls us from the deep, this is the language of the heart!

This true, yet unspeakable language from within asks for clarity, balance, and our coming back to the source. It is also asking to know how to authentically heal us inside out. The language of the heart is the language of truth that calls us to wellness and health. This is in fact the subconscious journey healing to mastery as we integrate and assimilate ourselves as we heal from our struggles and pain. We eventually find meaning purposes and mastery. We never know we have been journeying to it all along we only know one thing, we are better and fulfilled and happy.

We never have to remove doubt but rather find answers to the pain it has caused. We rather shift from thinking to re-thinking as a metamorphosis of our rational and relational nature, wherein we never stop until we find the truth, the authentic truth. 

Here, we are unspeakably being hurled back to the source, the foundation of all that is true – God. That in such a way, we doubt no more and convince ourselves to follow the clarity and light as it permeates our minds and the eyes of our hearts. It is also the moment of waking up our purest and truest selves, the gem of our truest value, wherein we can see selves eternally or even beyond the hands of time as someone under divine light.

Do Not Be an Average, Do not follow the Mentality of the Herd

There is however a bunch of social construct, subconscious yet juridical understanding of socially accepted conditioning, that is instilled in us even in our systems of education, or in tradition in familial, cultural historical and social strata that we unconsciously abide. These things are normal as they are norms to control things that society calls deviant, but too much of these blinds us in our individuality and personal development. These norms run through labels and follow what usually becomes trendy. The universal value of things comes from the heart and following what society imposes sometimes cripples authenticity and creativity the sparks of our true gems deep within.

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Embrace the Cross, for Pain Leads to Authentic Self-discovery

Indeed, there is no price too high for the chance of owning ourselves. Suffering is an integral part of life, but its significance can only be seen as it changes and permeates in us when we acknowledge the courage and strange to face it squarely as we see the opportunities and learnings it gives. We would rather refuse to take the easy path if given a chance to take the road not taken, to analyze the deepest fear we have and to face them with a brand-new set of courage and positivity amidst pain, is ridiculously the best part of self-discovery. And through this most of us grow. Self ownership also happens when we come to face our fears as we find the answers to all our doubts. Here we can find our uniqueness and authenticity, the gem of our truest value.

Always Say YES to What Can Give Us Meaning

Always be positive and be affirmative to everything that makes us more and more humane. Say yes and claim it that we, all of us can be experts and legendary in our own passion in our own craft. As we master our competencies, talents and skills, master also things that make us more human, learn to appreciate music or the arts, develop a passion for humanities and strive to be happy.

But becoming more and more human doesn’t need to be cerebral or too academic, it needs to be contextualized to our existential personal needs, the need to find or if not found build our own humanity in the spirit. To conquer our own fears by conquering our past broken selves, becoming fearless as a superman that is becoming child-like. Saying yes to meaningful humanhood, means growing small and seemingly insignificant by being happy to say AMOR FATI, to what must come, and accept the things that we can’t change and find wisdom in it.

And last but not the least…

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The Courage to Search for the Gem of Our Truest Value

We all need to create or re-invent ourselves in the values that seemingly we hold dear, or the values that have the greatest weight. But in truth the values that have the greatest weight might have shattered and crushed us in the past. Because of the unevaluated values that we half-hazardly accepted due to the social norm we are comfortably conformed. As we evaluate these values more and more, we can see manipulative control. This has been the cells that we used to incarcerate ourselves, but in truth we are nonetheless happy. Be strong and bold then to break free from the bonds of this comfort zone prison cells, to draw out the strong powerful self that you are. The Gem of our Truest Value is us, the eternal divine self, that is waiting to become a master.

Thus, the language of the heart is the intuitive language of our soul, the voice that has all the knowledge and understanding of our being. It is the inward communicative language and form of spiritual action that heals us as it tells us who we truly are. Listen to it and learn from it in prayer and you will be holy in the ranks of sages and masters.


Joven Manlapaz

Author's Corner

Joven, a former seminarian, was a former public School Teacher a fellow academe who advocates meditative journal, a reflective recording of prayers, meditation and reading. He also enjoys sharing his philosophical, scientific and spiritual insights and pedagogical tips on familiar online platforms that carries his drafts and the aphorisms that inspired his learners and audiences in all walks of life. By sharing his profound aphorisms and excerpts in his journals he stirs and inspires his readers to view life philosophically in a broader perspective.

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