Legal Riddle: The Three Fingers

Dig in to this legal riddle and feel free to stake your answers at the comment section below. This legal riddle begins with a two middle-aged married couple who lived casually as husband and wife. The couple, pretty much like any other, had some rough days ahead. Then one day, they had an elaborate argument […]

Inflation: What You Should Know?

Inflation in its simple term is the general increase of prices of every commodity, most especially household and basic necessities. But inflation is not limited to this only, it includes all commodities you find the market in general and in every industry. Inflation is like a Kryptonite to your money as it renders your money […]

Top 7 Financial Investment Risks

Be reminded that there are still lots of financial risks than you ever know, some are far more complicated that others. Stated here are the most common and collective risks each and every one of us run into. Still, there are lots of nitty-gritty about determining risks. All you need is to soul-search about your […]

BDO to Palawan Express Fund Transfer


Below is the basic tutorial on How to Transfer Funds from BDO Mobile App To Palawan Express. Note however, that procedures may change without prior notice as applications are constantly updated as need arises. So, check for yourself if this transfer procedures still works.  Procedures… Open BDO App Tap “Send Money” Tap “For Cash Pick-Up […]

Why Poker Players Can Be Good Investors

There is only a hairline separating gambling and risk, more in particular Poker game. For one thing, it is a play of dice and for second it is notoriously a game of chance – and the chances that the odds will be at your side is slim to nothing. But do you know that poker […]

Simple Investing Tolerance Metrics

Your comfort level as an investor depends on many facets, and level of debt. If you’re twenty-five years old, single, childless, and debt-free, you obviously have a far more tolerance for risk than a fifty-five-year-old nearing retirement with two children that are still in college. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident You might be second-guessing […]

Aristotle And The Mean Of Virtue

Have you ever met a person with a magical personality? The one who seems able to deal with people on all levels, all demeanor, characters, and social status? He can light a dark tunnel with his personality. Or this man can be very graceful under pressure, can be very generous but not extravagant, can be […]

Edible Gardening: Basil

The sweet, fragrant leaves of basil add a delicious, licorice-like flavour to salads and tomato-based dishes. Features: Fragrant, Decorative leaves, White or Light Purple flowers Height: 30 – 60cm – 1.5cm (12 – 24”) Spread: 30cm – 35 m (12 – 18”) Getting Started Basil is easy to start from seed. Start seeds indoors about […]

Edible Gardening: Asparagus

The large, ferny growth that asparagus develops comes as quite a surprise to first-time growers who may have only seen tidy bunches of spears at the grocery store. Asparagus is a member of the lily family, and well established plants can last a lifetime, producing tasty spears every spring. Features: Perennial, Editable Spring Shoots, Ferny […]

The Allegory Of The Cave And The Search For Truth


The Allegory Of The Cave by Plato can be subjected to various interpretations – and you can be right or wrong with your interpretation. But mostly, you can be right. Plato did not give any parameters on what exactly are the guidelines in interpreting his allegory. That’s why it is called an allegory – a […]