Carbohydrates: Fast And Slow Release?

Who doesn’t know anything about carbohydrates? Health conscious people shy away from it, some are indifferent to it, but most just don’t care. We know carbohydrates as an element in human nutrition that give us energy to leverage our day, especially to working class citizens. But somewhere in the modern history of our civilization, carbs just got a bad rap at the modernistic and health conscious high life of us.

We were oriented that carbs can make you fat and sick in the long run. And we’ve been quoted further that that same carbohydrate will lead to diabetes as well as heart disease. But do you know that there is what we call Slow and Fast Release Carbohydrates? And that a matter of choice means a lot to your health?

Carbohydrates are the single most important food for long-term health and brain function. – Dr. Mark Hyman, M.D.The Ultramind Solution.

What are Fast Release Carbohydrates?

Fast release carbohydrates are simply manufactured carbohydrates found in overly processed, sugary, refined white food we commonly buy at convenience stores and supermarkets. All these processed sweets we know of and even so dearly tasted of are heavily laced with artificial sweeteners, preservatives and colorant. They are so “tasty” that they either go too sweet, too fatty or too salty. Most of these stuff are so sweet that they scare away sweet-loving ants.


One special mention is white bread. One of our favorite kickstarter on our daily morning grind to work. In fact, breakfast won’t be a big break without it. But do you know that white bread is one of the notoriously known fibre-deprived foods in the world. Way back in history, when people are making bread for personal consumption, dough is made from pure wheat or barley that go straight into the oven and then to the dining table. Easy breezy! One caveat though, bread during those times has to be made and consumed during the day, since they go bad easily as they were done without preservatives.

But as soon as business interest and money get into the way of human enterprise, things get a little different. Food corporations nowadays, overly process dough sources such that they discriminately remove the most important part of the wheat or the barley (or whatever that raw materials are) – essential oils, fiber, protein and hundreds more of nutrients, leaving alone and nothing but useless starch. To add insult to injury, starchy bread are additionally laiden with more preservatives such as propionatebenzoatesorbatebromate and multitude more of other chemicals.

As an outset, bread started to last longer on store shelves without getting bad. It means a lot to the business but means more to the consumers – they eat the trash while the nutrients go straight into the sewer.

There is a saying that goes, “…the whiter the bread, the earlier, you’re dead!”

What Are Slow Release Carbohydrates?

Slow release carbohydrates are those found in vegetables, fruits, beans, whole grains, nuts, spices, herbs and seeds. These foods, as we know it, are fiber-laiden. And we know that fiber halts the fast absorption of sugar. Thus preventing the spike of blood sugar as well as insulin to the bloodstream. This also helps in leveling the presence of serotonin levels in the blood.

Do you know plants have phytonutrients? These are colorful healing chemicals used by plants to heal and regenerate themselves which in turn when taken by us, do the same mechanism to our body?


Take for example broccoli and the rest of other cruciferous vegetables in your garden, they all contain detoxifying chemicals that protect us from environmental toxins. An ideal diet if you live in a highly urbanized work area. Couple that with green tea that contains antioxidants, hundreds of detoxifying agents and anti-inflammatory substances that reeves-up your body’s dextodicication processes. Don’t forget the Resveratrol in red grapes before work as it boosts your energy production and protects your cells as well.

Perhaps, the options are clear for you. There is only a thin line separating health and sickness, the choice is yours. Imagine what your great great grandmother was laying on her table when she was in her 80’s. You bet, those were real food. Not junk food. She may not even know how to spell it. In fact there is no such thing as junk food. There is only food, then follows the junk.



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