Normality and Doability in Homosexual Cohabitation


We always associate normality with doability. All of us are aware that in everything there is purpose, and purpose is the normative blueprint of everything where the act and development of things, including humanity, are consigned. However, normality doesn’t follow functionality. Just because something is not normal, doesn’t mean that it is not doable and […]

The Quick Art Of Seduction


Almost every man wondered how can he be the guy of the bedroom from the inside out of the room. But have you ever wondered what is in the heart and mind of a woman every time we think about seduction and letting “Versace hit the floor”? Some women wants men in dashing overture with […]

The Allegory Of The Cave And The Search For Truth


The Allegory Of The Cave by Plato can be subjected to various interpretations – and you can be right or wrong with your interpretation. But mostly, you can be right. Plato did not give any parameters on what exactly are the guidelines in interpreting his allegory. That’s why it is called an allegory – a […]

The Evolution Of Societies And Your Health


Obviously we did not started with a laptop on the desk and a cup of joe on the side. Things were so different many years ago. What you have now is not even a dream nor an imagination thousand of years ago. If our ancestors could exist for a second in front of us, they […]

Life Expectancy Calculator – Try it!


Before you begin counting your days, take note however that there is no sharp mathematical and scientific way of calculating one’s life expectancy. The chart below will show you a rough estimate of your life expectancy. But there is science behind it. The chart was developed by Robert Allen Ph. D. in 1981. Pay special […]

The Tortoise And The Hare: The Untold Story


I don’t know when in my childhood did I even exactly hear the Story of The Tortoise and the Hare. But this story is so famous that even aliens on other planets know this story. If you don’t know the story yet (I don’t know where you’ve been), but ask your mom to tell the […]

Philippines’ Local Extremes: Revisited!


Once upon a time I created a handful of Local Filipino Extremes. It is anybody and anything that made it to the top of the world’s best polar extreme lists of something. I created this list something like 10 years ago and put it on my blog, forgotten it and went on with my life’s […]

12 Lifehacks To Ward-Off Boredom


They say that a mind in boredom is the playground of the devil. That maybe is the reason why eating the Apple at the Garden of Eden is justified. Adam and Eve were so bored of their eternal paradisiacal grind in the garden that eating the apple is more exciting than heeding the imperative. Who […]

8 Breastfeeding Lifehacks For Moms


Breastfeeding is one of every mom’s instinctual duty towards her newborn. It is where babies and mommies feel that special connection between them. Mommies are fed with emotional delight from their little ones as babies are fed with their first line of physical and emotional essentials – nutrition and love. And most moms breastfeed their […]