Aristotle And The Mean Of Virtue

Have you ever met a person with a magical personality? The one who seems able to deal with people on all levels, all demeanor, characters, and social status? He can light a dark tunnel with his personality. Or this man can be very graceful under pressure, can be very generous but not extravagant, can be […]

The Allegory Of The Cave And The Search For Truth


The Allegory Of The Cave by Plato can be subjected to various interpretations – and you can be right or wrong with your interpretation. But mostly, you can be right. Plato did not give any parameters on what exactly are the guidelines in interpreting his allegory. That’s why it is called an allegory – a […]

The Evolution Of Societies And Your Health

Obviously we did not started with a laptop on the desk and a cup of joe on the side. Things were so different many years ago. What you have now is not even a dream nor an imagination thousand of years ago. If our ancestors could exist for a second in front of us, they […]

Rare Treasure Finds: Where & What to Look For

Learn from the legends and what are the things they found along the way. We might think that all that glitter are gold, well some don’t but some burns too. Thing is, you have to look to unconventional place and think unconventional to finding a litteral treasure. Source: Wikiwand Step 1: Look for some unexpected […]

10 Lifehacks For Happiness


You have to be reminded that happiness in whatever degree is your own responsibility. Do not solicit happiness from others, or worse, beg for it. Remember, that as we have been thought, and might still be true is that… Happiness is a matter of perspective! What it means is that two people will be picking […]

Sid’s Advice On How To Overcome suffering


You read this because just like anybody else, you do have suffering in some parts of your life. Guess what – an unpayable debt, physical ailments, abusive relationship, emotional conundrum, family problems, other financial issues – isn’t’ it? You know, suffering is one reality of life that seems to disillusion us from living the life […]