Suicide Prevention: Do You Know Someone Who Needs Help?

Suicide Prevention: Do You Know Someone Who Needs Help?

The longstanding stigma around mental health can make it difficult to ask for help. If you know anyone who has had suicidal thoughts, they might feel isolated and alone, like there is no one to turn to. Asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness. A therapist can help to recognize the causes of depression and help […]

Top Gifts That Keep on Giving

Top Gifts That Keep on Giving

Are you tired of giving the same gifts over and over again? There are only so many toasters you can give at weddings or gift cards for birthdays before you start to wonder how much value these are actually adding to the recipient’s life. It’s time to think outside the gift box. Today, Fire In […]

Musings On Self and Love: Selflessness Is Love’s Manifold Greatness


When we talk about love, there will always be this stern stewing of indescribable bliss that sweeps away the mind. On great heights, it hurls us like a drug yet tactfully keeping our sinews in the slumber of sweet and heavenly delight. It entices us to see beauty, and everything is made thoughtful and gleeful. […]

Tips and Resources for Starting Your Own Nonprofit


Starting a nonprofit is a great way to raise your civic engagement and enrich your life with meaning and fulfillment. Nonprofit owners share a common goal of making the world a better place. But launching a nonprofit from scratch isn’t easy, especially if you’re new to entrepreneurship or don’t have a lot of money to […]

Time Is A Great Healer


Life is truly precious, and more precious than just our violability or being able to live as organic and symbiotic beings. The values, and virtues that we bring as we are fashioned and knit with the latent talents engraved even in the standard faculties of the human self that of intellect and will and added […]

Normality and Doability in Homosexual Cohabitation

Normality and Doability in Homosexual Cohabitation

We always associate normality with doability. All of us are aware that in everything there is purpose, and purpose is the normative blueprint of everything where the act and development of things, including humanity, are consigned. However, normality doesn’t follow functionality. Just because something is not normal, doesn’t mean that it is not doable and […]

Malacañang Diocese: What is it all about?


The Malacañang Palace is the seat of power for the President of the Philippines. But sometimes that seat gets too soaked in murky waters of politics that soon it gathers mosses and barnacles in it. The Malacañang “Diocese” got it’s moniker during the tutelage of the 14th President of Philippines, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. And everything is […]

The Quick Art Of Seduction


Almost every man wondered how can he be the guy of the bedroom from the inside out of the room. But have you ever wondered what is in the heart and mind of a woman every time we think about seduction and letting “Versace hit the floor”? Some women wants men in dashing overture with […]

Legal Riddle: The Three Fingers


Dig in to this legal riddle and feel free to stake your answers at the comment section below. This legal riddle begins with a two middle-aged married couple who lived casually as husband and wife. The couple, pretty much like any other, had some rough days ahead. Then one day, they had an elaborate argument […]

Rare Treasure Finds: Where & What to Look For


Learn from the legends and what are the things they found along the way. We might think that all that glitter are gold, well some don’t but some burns too. Thing is, you have to look to unconventional place and think unconventional to finding a litteral treasure. Source: Wikiwand Step 1: Look for some unexpected […]




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