Foreclosed Property: What is it and How to Avoid It


Foreclosed properties have been said that because it is the result of an owner or debtor not able pay the property anymore. As result, a bank or any other lending entities can now re-claim the property. That property is now called foreclosed property. The reason for the foreclosure is not only a defaulting payment of […]

Residential Properties: Types, Tips And Things You Need To Know


You need to know first-off that residential properties are the best-selling estates in the dwelling enterprise. This is because this type of real estate serves the most essential cell of the society – the family. And if you are a real estate investor you can choose a variety of properties to sell and carry on […]

Real Estate: How To Find Your First Investment?


In real estate investing there are so many vehicles you can choose to ride in and there are many starting points to choose from. Depending where you are, your capitalization and your choice , you may prefer a dorm-type apartment if you are targeting students and colleges. You can go foreclosed property if you don’t […]

Real Estate Investing – Is It Right For You?


First off, goals and motivation – consider that as the first springboard before you even pull up your sleeves for real estate investing. Goals because it will serve as your beaconlight in your real estate journey. And motivation to reeve you up every step of the way. Never ever think of real estate investing as […]

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