Top 10 Theological Questions: Mysteries Beyond Easy Answers


Throughout history, theologians, philosophers, and believers of all stripes have grappled with fundamental questions about the nature of God, the universe, and human existence. While each faith tradition offers its own answers, many of these questions persist, inviting continuous reflection and debate. 1. The Problem of Evil Perhaps the most difficult theological challenge is the […]

The Incredible Truth About Suffering and Morality in the Judeo-Christian Tradition

The Incredible Truth About Suffering and Morality in the Judeo-Christian Tradition

The God of the Judeo-Christian Tradition according to the Bible is All-knowing, All-Powerful and All-Good – and yet we have so much suffering going on in the world. The question is why? God knew these sufferings, had all the power to prevent it and refuse to prevent it. Paradox of Suffering The typical counter argument […]

Dualism and Monotheism: Exploring the Relationship Between Good and Evil in Religion

Dualism and Monotheism - Exploring the Relationship Between Good and Evil in Religion

Polytheistic beliefs led to the development not only of monotheistic religions but also of dualistic religions, which hold the belief that there are two opposing forces, namely good and evil. Unlike monotheism, dualism considers evil to be a separate and independent power that was not created by the good God nor is it subordinate to […]

The Incredible Truth About Many Christian Religions or Denominations?

What Caused Many Christian Denominations?

The existence of thousands of Christian denominations can be attributed to a combination of historical, theological, and cultural factors. One major factor is the historical development of Christianity. Over time, various groups within Christianity have developed different interpretations of scripture and theological doctrines, leading to different denominations. But, do you know that one major reformation […]

The Fall of a Prince – Bishop Crisostomo Yalung

The Fall of a Prince – Bishop Crisostomo Yalung

Before the fall from grace, Bishop Crisostomo Yalung was a rising star, an apple to the eye of the then Bishop Cardinal Sin and a promising successor to the highest Catholic authority in the Philippines. He and Bishop Theodoro Bacani were juggling the prestige under the glow of Cardinal Sin. In fact, Yalung is the […]

Musings On Self and Love: Selflessness Is Love’s Manifold Greatness


When we talk about love, there will always be this stern stewing of indescribable bliss that sweeps away the mind. On great heights, it hurls us like a drug yet tactfully keeping our sinews in the slumber of sweet and heavenly delight. It entices us to see beauty, and everything is made thoughtful and gleeful. […]

Life as a Pencil – Reflection and Aphorism


Minutes after deep thought looking bluntly on my pen, I wrote: When growths finally shrink into the last hue of gloomy carbon shade; and heartily embrace the thrust pushing and turning into the sharpener’s razor-like edges, recollective parables sink into my mind, the pencil story (see P. Hudson, 2020; P. Cuelho, 2009; B. Davis 2005). […]

The Beauty of Human Existence

In Experience, Pain is the Noblest Teacher

In a world, wherein you can’t personally be born, you tremble in fear even in the thoughts of leaving everything behind. Nature has only given you a single lifetime. And added to that, that single and individual lifetime’s lifespan is inevitably ambivalent. You are always clueless when it is going to end. In the lofty […]

6 Spiritual Stages of Awakening – A Personal Reflection

Basic Steps To Contemplation

“It would take a hundred million reincarnations or life times just to reach this stage. It is the authentic clairvoyance, which is the clarity of purpose finding out the very reason why we need to be born in this life over and over again…” 1. Chaos Or spontaneous awakening: like in my case, I awoke […]

Top 10 Filipino Catholic Bishops and Their Scandals

Top 10 Filipino Catholic Bishops and Their Scandals

You might be familiar with some Biblical catchwords such as “whitewashed tombs”, “brood of vipers”, “you hypocrites” and so on. Well, these berating metaphorical call outs are touted for priests, pharisees and rabbi especially during the time of Jesus Christ. Because Jesus himself sees that these church high rollers don’t live up to what they […]




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