Fire In Our Dreams

Aside from the gift of life, and the precious gem knit deep within us, every human being is born into this world with immense capacities. We never know how much power we have, and clueless even that we have them all the time!

In fact, the rational mind is ordained for beauty, goodness, and the truth (see Plato, 375BCE). It is consecrated to know and to accept reality as real. As the mind’s intellect conforms, it directs itself to understanding and upon reaching out to a logically coherent mode of understandability, it can’t help but constantly and indispensably recognize at least the glimpse of transcendental truth (E. Kant, Critique of Pure Reason, 1781).

We have been gifted with inexplicable faculties that goes even beyond the physical realm. Even our advanced amenities of brain scanning, for instance the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) can’t even decipher. We have the intellect far more intelligible that we even study about our own multiple intelligences (H. Garner, 1985), or being conscious of our own consciousness (E. Husserl, 1889).

With certainty and precision, it can know contingent truth. Though the intellect, a faculty of the mind, might know what to do, it is powerless to act. It is likened to a paralytic who can only identify, infer, and clearly make conclusive assertions from truth and falsity (right and wrong), yet is powerless to move (Thomas Aquinas, 1265).

On the other hand, the seat of freedom, the will, spiritually speaking the heart, which not only assert good but moves the human individual to act and to actualize what the mind has thought. Hence, the faculty of the will that is likened to a blind man and the elephants (N. Ruebsaat, 1979), who literally had no faculties of sight see not what ontological reality really is, but it can move and act and actualizes if properly guided. There is this one thing that describes all the faculties is the faculty of dreams.

It is our manifold faculty of synchronizing our desires, hopes, passion strength, even our sex drives (libido see Sigmund Freud, 1905), collective subconscious (Carl Jung, 1916), goals and plan of action (N. Hill, Think and Grow Rich, 1937) to a one whole package: “DREAMS”.

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When God blesses us, He puts a dream in our hearts! Hence, we really don’t have to say to our children, and to the younger generation that dreams are fake (P. Coelho, What I learned About Life, 2013) but I suppose we just did, and it has a sinister effect; hence, I intent to posit this question: “Are we just dreaming and chase them, or the other way around, are dreams come flashing to chase us?”

If we put our life into a viewpoint like that of a picture or a perspective, it is remarkable that it is our dreaming and envisioning what we be there for us in the future that spurs us to live and to pursue wider horizons in life (A. Tawani, 2017). Consequently, it is not death itself that we are afraid of. On the contrary, it is failing to live out the best of ourselves when in its uncertainties and inevitableness, death knocks in the doorsteps of our lives, and towards the end we come to realize that we never truly lived!

There was a hospital study conducted to over 100 elderly people nearing death, or in the verge of crossing finally to the last phase of their lives. They were asked to reflect about their life’s biggest regrets. It was very surprising that about 9 out of 10 said they have regretted not the things they have done in past, rather they have regretted the things they never tried to do; the risks they never took, and the dreams too late for them to pursue (Gilovich and Medvec, 1995; Zeelenberg, 1999).

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“If I can only” this could have been the cliché, the last regretful words in your death bed be.
I urge you to wake up, open your eyes once again and ask yourself, “Why did I exist!” Life’s “Angst” is not a mere routine (M. Hiedegger, Being and Time, 1927) becomes a vicious cycle. We are not machines that mechanically work all day, earn pay bills and in the sunset of life die. There is something more to life than just survival.

I could have been very young to yearn wise for my years. I accept, I may not know what life purpose is. But one thing I do know for sure; every person born into this world has a gift, a character to play in the stage of life. Its uniqueness is written in his birth, and for some sees it in their palms, I see in in the strange of their hearts. If Martin Luther King one have said, He had a dream (ML King, 1963) that his country will rise does he literally mean he is dreaming and chasing for it?

In truth, he never had a dream, the opposite is true, it was his dream his dream that hold him fast. People don’t chase dreams. It’s dreams that chase them. I made it very clear to the question I posted. It is truly dreams that chooses us and chase as to best person we can ever be. If this is the nature of dreams as a human faculty the next challenge to each of us is: “Are we brave enough to grasp the very dream that sparks us and picked us up?” or “Will we just let it go and slip through in oblivion?”

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Lately I have learned something about airplanes (see Prince Era, Everybody Dies, But Not Everybody Lives, 2017). We as passengers often think that airplanes are dangerous when it’s on flight midair. To my surprise, I realized that it is a lot turbulent for a plane to stay on the ground (B. Perterson 2019). Than its on midair, for on the ground, the plane starts to rust, malfunction and worn out even much faster than it was at flight on high skies.

Indeed, it totally made sense, for planes are built to ride the skies, even leaving its thunderous jet engine sound behind. In the same manner, every human person was fashioned for greatness, to soar high and to live out their dreams they have inside. Perhaps the saddest loss we human could have in this existence is to live a life always on the ground, without even trying the steps and the risks of taking off.

On the last analysis, I infer, dreaming is likened to that of burglary. Like that of a thief in the night. It is obvious no one of us likes the idea of being looted of and stolen from by a thief out of burglary or someone break into our house in the sleepy night. On the other hand, we fear the thought that one day a thief that comes in the night to steal our belongings.

But there is a thief in our minds who is after our dreams, its name is doubt. Keep watch and if you take notice of him, don’t hesitate to call the cops, and keep his away to killing your dreams. He is wanted for murders, for he has killed more dreams that failure ever had. To conceal himself, he wears many guises and camouflage like rabid viral decease, he will live you a dreamless half dead and blind.

Becoming just like everybody else is likened to just become nobody, most people complacently or even haphazardly succumbs to fear and trembling (Kierkegaard, 1843) or more so to doubts (J.P. Shanley, 2004) which very seamlessly devour and rip apart dreams (K. Linder 2020). Most people, while having smart phone but are becoming less smart, eventually resort to laziness, lethargic, and most often live a life totally alienated from their heart’s desires.

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Dreamless living as such is indeed bitter; it is as desperate as become the gruesome living dead (G. Romero, 2020). It is absurd and pointless waking up each morning and clueless ‘why am I still here’ (A. Camus, 1942). Believing that dreams are fake is death; something has totally passed out deep inside. Indeed, this is lethal, and more perplexing deadly than we can ever imagine. Considering that we will see people having a pointless and ambiguous plausible career; can that a sort of career ruined him from the very start. And most of our young want to get a sort-of grades that’s some seems-like flying colors.

We know have any idea what sort of grades that is, and that brings in the danger through life as we move along in the years of our life. Most people today attend to body building process to have some sort of shape up. Similarly, we don’t even know what sort of thing this is shaping up about, and if that is not defined exactly as it is, it will lead us to so many sort excuses and continue procrastinating, in the end will never pursue any of our dreams. But do we really dream some “kind-of”? If you just want some kind-of then you will always just resort to some kind-of that you don’t even know what it is.

The challenge is this, know exactly what you dream, and aspire for it. Know what stirs sets fire in the heart; We need to set a clearer vision; upon which will take as to fulfill our missions, our life purpose wherein we give meaning for than we find one. In life, there will always be tough times wherein things are really very hard, painful, and most of all soul crushing. And we get overwhelmed by our distress, but it does not end there. It just began a spark to a brighter side.

Let me tell you something: Don’t you know that Steven Spielberg was rejected from film school three times, but he pursued his dreams and he just kept going (Prince Era, Everybody Dies, But Not Everybody Llives, 2017). Even Ophra Winfey was fired by TV executives and told her that she is unfit for TV shows, but she pursued her dream and she kept going. Critics told Beyoncé that she couldn’t sing, she went through depression, even then, she knew very well her gift, and pursued her dreams and no matter what it takes she kept going. In here song Halo, we have the name Beyoncé a resounding star today.

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You know, struggles and criticism are prerequisite for greatness! These are the law of this universe, and no one escapes them. For pain is necessary for life. But you can choose what type. Either the pain that will lead you to the road of greatness and success, or the pain of being haunted caught off guard with mourning, anxiety, and regret. I encourage you to take heed and follow my counsel and please never entertain any second thought or harbor any needless hesitations. In this life we are given one life and have always been given a gift that since birth we are picked to live out. And I urge you please neither spoil it nor blow it away.

We are not defined by out past, instead we are born anew by every moment that we struggle so let as own it now. Sometimes we must leap, shot off before the clock runs out. We don’t have to overdo or overthink, for in life is is no overtime. This is no do over. Even if I may sound like a am a preacher, but if don’t use your gift, then you sell not only yourself, but the whole world over. So, what invention do you have buried in your mind, so what idea, what cure or so what skill did you have inside to bring out to this universe!

Universe, its Latin etymologies reminds us about our role. “Uni” it means one we are all one and united to help each other grow. “Versus” – it means a passage, a message or simple a song like that of the Psalms. This would mean we are part of the continuous breathing and rhythm, as one among the fiver of the stars. If life and the world is a rhythm, sing your heart out and live out passion that burns inside.

Never let a dream slip away, the universe and the stars are waiting for you to shine out as you keep on living out your dreams and the gifts only you have. If this is the calling or vocation of every conscious and free human life in this world, then we must work hard, work hand and hand to make this world a better and far more humane world that only love and care alone is shared to all that has life.

Maybe if life is a song, it would hit all the notes to wake up and rip apart the soul to just tears our old self to put up the mature and true self; on its rhythm it has these aphoristic lines:

Dreams Gave Birth To A Star

The light of a distant star might have dwindled and shrunk from the abyss, yet upon great speed they’ve wandered just to get through us. Their twinkling may seem random, but with great precision, universal laws led them, eternal laws and the and the grace of God constantly and without delay comes and came only for us. In great and manifold ways, God blesses; and into the odds He then leads us to the emptiness and formlessness of our lives darkest nights to us to discern, to search for the dwindling light of a star, the light of a dream. For when God blesses, He send us something unusual and tough, like a dream!

Tiny twinkings though, dreams come in minute flashes of light that flickers in the darkness and dryness of our souls, where in the road is tough, and high hopes of lofty goals most often seems unclear. They shine as gems, to fire up our disappearing hearts. We need to look for, but not anymore beyond ourselves or up in the skies. They could have been known to be up and beyond the very first timr we have known them. As dreams appear at night, why is that stars only appear at night? And why do we need to keep up with dreaming big when we are in the most shattered moment of our lives?

They are fire within where everything seems desperate, and we have nothing more to hold up to! When we are in the dark, pressed and shatters from the inside, we are about to grow! It is where our last the light of a dream our last frontier to signal new life. In metamorphosis, we are getting ready for something great, like larva in tenacious cocoon we are being prepared to break free, to spread our wings as a colorful butterfly. And in the right time God’s mysterious works we be laid open right before our very eyes! Great, and successful people make it to the top, they were few steps, before we step in the darkest nights!

Excruciating though, the dark nights are hinges that anchored us to the source. These seems to be relentless crisis we encountered are all gifts! The feeling we f being left out and abandoned and being the least the last and the lost are the greatest moments that have happened to us. In fact, they are the golden age of our lives.

These dark nights are not the dreadful moment. That brought forth forth fear and trembling alone; rather, they make it very clear to bursting shine of stars. This time the bright shining of stars is not anymore on the night skies, but in deep within!

We might see these dreams as the seed of God’s manifold blessings could have been the star that shines within our hearts, and deep within the soul where the gem of truest value reveals gladly truest selves!

This might be a long and hard; it’s worth it for in truth we are those that burst and shine!


Joven Manlapaz

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Joven, a former seminarian, was a former public School Teacher a fellow academe who advocates meditative journal, a reflective recording of prayers, meditation and reading. He also enjoys sharing his philosophical, scientific and spiritual insights and pedagogical tips on familiar online platforms that carries his drafts and the aphorisms that inspired his learners and audiences in all walks of life. By sharing his profound aphorisms and excerpts in his journals he stirs and inspires his readers to view life philosophically in a broader perspective.

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