Legal Riddle: The Three Fingers

Dig in to this legal riddle and feel free to stake your answers at the comment section below.

This legal riddle begins with a two middle-aged married couple who lived casually as husband and wife. The couple, pretty much like any other, had some rough days ahead. Then one day, they had an elaborate argument that resulted into some physical inflection of harm.

Then suddenly neighbors noticed weeks of silence in the house. Day went by without arguments or fight. And the husband making visible appearances from time to time.

One morning, police came to the house with warrant to search and arrest. Every corners of the house were searched to no avail, not until they were able to search the backyard garden of the house where they found three mutilated fingers – apparently from a woman.

Source: Pexels

The husband was accused of murdering his wife when parents and relatives of the wife noticed a long disappearance of the woman.

Apparently, the three fingers were successfully used to accuse him of murder and he was sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment.

The day came when his parole was served. He was free. He decided to go home and ride a train. While inside the train, he noticed a woman right in front of him. With her hands laid across her lap, he noticed her three fingers were missing.

When the woman alighted the train, he followed her and in the dark side of the street – he killed her!

The curious question is, will the man still be liable and merit another 20 years of imprisonment or circumstances just fall into its place?

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