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Before you begin counting your days, take note however that there is no sharp mathematical and scientific way of calculating one’s life expectancy. The chart below will show you a rough estimate of your life expectancy. But there is science behind it. The chart was developed by Robert Allen Ph. D. in 1981.

Pay special attention to questions that may add or subtract to your life points. This test gives insurance companies a good overview of your life expectancy, more in particular, if you are 20 to 25 years old and relatively healthy and into healthy lifestyle practices.

Figures are in years. Start your age at 72.

Personal Data

If you are male. +3
If you are female. +4
If you live in an urban area with a population of over two million. -2
If you live in a town under 10,000 or on a farm. +2
If a grandparent lived to eighty-five. +2
If all four grandparents lived to eighty. +6
If either parent died of a stroke or heart attack before the age of fifty. -4
If any parent, brother, or sister under fifty has (or had) cancer or a heart condition, or has had diabetes since childhood. -3
Do you earn PHP7,000,000 ($150,000) a year? -2
If you finished college. +1
If you have a graduate or professional degree. +2
If you are sixty-five or over and still working. +3
If you live with a spouse or friend. +5
If you are not living with a friend or spouse (for every ten years alone since age twenty-five). -1

Health and Lifestyle

If you work behind a desk. -3
If your work requires regular, heavy physical labor. +3
If you exercise strenuously (tennis, running, swimming, etc…) five times a week for at least a half-hour. +4
If two or three times a week. +2
Do you sleep more than ten hours each night? -4
Are you intense, aggressive, easily angered? -3
Are you easygoing and relaxed? +3
Are you happy? +1
Unhappy? -1
Have you had a speeding ticket in the last year? -1
Do you smoke more than two packs a day? -8
Do you smoke one to two packs a day? -6
Do you smoke half to one pack a day? -3
Do you drink the equivalent of a litter a day of liquor? -1
Are you overweight by fifty pounds or more? -8
Are you overweight by thirty to fifty pounds? -4
Are you overweight by ten to thirty pounds? -1
If you are a man of over forty and have annual checkups. +2
If you are a woman and see a gynecologist once a year. +2

Age Adjustments

If you are between thirty and forty. +2
If you are between forty and fifty. +3
If you are between fifty and seventy. +4
If you are over seventy. +5

Add up your score to get your life expectancy at this time. Now, compare it to the national averages, which are about seventy-five years for males, and seventy-eight years for females.

Chart Source: From Lifegain by Robert F. Allen, Ph.D, with Shirley Linde, New York: Appleton Century Crofts, 1981, pp.19-20. Re-entered from a book by Raymond B. Flannery, Jr. – “Becoming Stress-Resistant.
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