Musings On Self and Love: Selflessness Is Love’s Manifold Greatness

When we talk about love, there will always be this stern stewing of indescribable bliss that sweeps away the mind. On great heights, it hurls us like a drug yet tactfully keeping our sinews in the slumber of sweet and heavenly delight. It entices us to see beauty, and everything is made thoughtful and gleeful. For even beauty itself resides in the heart that is full of compassion and love. In love we feel great, so high-minded and magnanimous, but magnanimity at its best is totally losing ourselves for the one we value the most.

Cunningly, in our self-willed losing, we flow naturally in constant trade-off; that eventually suggests the mutual giving of oneself as well as the mutual owning of the beloved should have been constantly interpenetrating in love’s selfless reciprocity. The moment we are at par with this paradigm shift of Love, living in love is not only taking pleasure in making someone else’s life beautiful, but also making our very own existence a meaningful one.

The interlocking mutuality that is love can also be inexhaustible. Even if the prowess, the great audacity of love is given, constantly being wasted away, and has never been given back, it is never lost in us. It simply marked out the kind of person you and I have become. The more it is given away, the more we become a well-spring of it in an unquenchable abundance. But in its exquisite richness, there is a need for purity. Purity in loving entails the willingness to bleed and to bear taunts, and for that even the willfulness, and the thought of dying for the ones we love is sweet.

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Love in its sweetness is measured not by romance; chocolate is tasteless, sweet-smelling roses are obnoxious, and love songs are even melancholic if the effort therein is wantonly shed without dedication and conviction. Love is not love if it doesn’t take risks for the beloved. For love’s gauge sought and through the ages found, that toils and tears had taught, carves the heart wisdom; that after love is life! Thus, living is made profound. The purity of love would only mean choosing to love, even selflessly taking risks. For risking makes life meaningful and sweet. Be dauntless then, for the purity of our love is loving lavishly, and that is a true wealth in abundance.

Remember to keep love in purity, for love is a fire that annihilates the nauseating, unreasonable, and egoistic immaturity in us. It shutters away the childish fool in us. It turns our concern no longer for the self but for the beloved as the other self. It purifies in us the gem of our truest value. It makes us more sublime to be heroic in all life’s undertakings. The rekindling fire of love teaches us life’s greatest lesson: the authentic search for the “why-to-love.” If only it is clear to us why we love, and why we keep on loving unconditionally, we will always find ways in all of life’s “But’s, If’s, and How’s.” We will always find solutions to every problem that we encounter if only we are committed and convicted to the reasons of our love.

Love is the reasonable cause, and if committed into it, love can be deadly and more outrageous. But the fear of life’s struggles can never infringe on us because that why-to-love is the very core and foundation of our plans, and dreams. It brings us even in our waking up every morning. Love as the reason for living is life itself. It is the living breath that zealously animates the timid, weak, and even the most shuttered hearts. Keep this in mind, in our lives, anything material come and go, the physical beauty and attraction fades, and even money and fame can corrupt; what only unites is that of spiritual value, like that of honesty, justice, righteousness, integrity and the like.

But the mother of them all is love.

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Love is our unitive strength that spurs us to worry no longer about falling. Love, as pure, can’t afford to let us fall-in and fall-out, for true love never fails. Thus, it is better off to call us beings-being-in-love than beings-falling-in-love.

Love, beyond all telling, makes life profoundly meaningful. It is the key that unlocks happiness as it locks and binds people in relationships. It is true that life is a continuous quest for happiness, but if we truly are in love, we don’t search for happiness, happiness finds us. For a person overwhelmingly bursting in abundant pure love, happiness chases him/her in life.

The reciprocity, inexhaustibility, and purity of love transform our lives. In this metamorphosis even forever falls short to contain our savoring of joy and happiness. Truly, love as the mother of all spiritual virtues is divine. It is God’s own power shared to every human heart. Beyond the upheaval of life’s struggles, this life is a gift, but this can be more gifted if we learned to love God’s love hidden deep within the recesses of our being.


Joven Manlapaz

Author's Corner

Joven, a former seminarian, was a former public School Teacher a fellow academe who advocates meditative journal, a reflective recording of prayers, meditation and reading. He also enjoys sharing his philosophical, scientific and spiritual insights and pedagogical tips on familiar online platforms that carries his drafts and the aphorisms that inspired his learners and audiences in all walks of life. By sharing his profound aphorisms and excerpts in his journals he stirs and inspires his readers to view life philosophically in a broader perspective.

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