Follow These Sleep Tips to Help You Feel and Look Younger

Life moves pretty fast, and between work, home, and family responsibilities, it’s easy to overlook the importance of a good night’s rest. When you don’t get enough quality sleep, however, you can end up not only feeling exhausted but looking run-down as well. Ever heard the old adage about “beauty rest?” There’s some truth to the phrase where your hair, skin, and overall appearance are concerned.

If stress is keeping you up at night, consider taking steps to feel more relaxed. For example, you can also make some small changes to your environment and create the best possible sleep habits for a restful night. Ready to get started? These tips, presented below by FIME, can help you make the most of your sleep.

Get comfortable

If you’re pregnant or nursing, it can be especially difficult to get quality sleep. The key is to make sure you’re comfortable at night, and the first step is to take a second look at your sleepwear. Itchy, tight, or over warm fabrics can leave you tossing and turning, but a soft nightgown or breathable pair of pajamas will help you stay relaxed so you can fall into deep sleep easier.

Change up your bedding

Your clothing isn’t the only thing that can leave you sweating and uncomfortable at night. Your bedding plays a big role in your ability to get comfortable, so make sure it’s soft and provides the right temperature according to what type of sleeper you are. Try a satin pillowcase, which can give you a smooth surface to lie on and will prevent fabric wrinkles on your face. It will also help keep you cool if you’re a hot sleeper.

You can also try an extra-large pillow, which is perfect for side-sleepers who need a little support. If it’s long enough, you can place one end between your knees to keep your spine aligned. These pillows are also great for pregnant women.

Follow These Sleep Tips to Help You Feel and Look Younger
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Take another look at your bedroom

If your bedroom isn’t optimized for great sleep, changing your bedding won’t make much of a difference. Take a look around: Do you wake up earlier than you’d like due to bright sunlight streaming in the windows? Is it too warm at night? Are there too many electronic devices that hold your attention? If possible, take these out of your room and use the space only for rest. Invest in blackout curtains or heavy blinds, and add a fan if it’s hard to keep the area cool. Setting up your bedroom for a full night’s rest will help you stay asleep longer and will ensure that you wake up feeling refreshed.

Change your diet

While it’s crucial to make sure your environment is relaxing and comfortable, it’s also important to take a look at your diet to make sure it’s not contributing to wakefulness. Too much chocolate, coffee, red meat, or raw foods close to bedtime can leave you staring at the ceiling at 1 a.m. Try eating a few small meals each day instead of a couple of heavy ones, and keep healthy snacks handy for nighttime cravings, such as dried fruit. For better sleep, add protein-heavy foods like almonds, fatty fish, and turkey into your diet.

A good night’s sleep can seem elusive when you have a lot on your plate, so look for ways to reduce stress and anxiety by cutting back on work or setting boundaries that give you more free time. With a better night of rest, you can wake up each morning feeling–and looking–fresh and energized.

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