The Evolution Of Societies And Your Health

Obviously we did not started with a laptop on the desk and a cup of joe on the side. Things were so different many years ago. What you have now is not even a dream nor an imagination thousand of years ago. If our ancestors could exist for a second in front of us, they […]

Change Your Child’s DNA The Natural Way


When Willie  Wilson admonished mamas everywhere to not let their babies grow up to be cowboys, he had no idea how accurate his assessment of a mother’s power really was. Turns out, mom have a lot of control over what their babies become, before and after birth. DNA Altering Dinner For instance, research done at […]

5 Supplement Lifehacks You Must Know


Supplements are the go-to over-the-counter addition to the food we eat. It is often treated as a medication for certain ailments. Though it may cure certain deficiencies such as Vitamin C that cures Scurvy due to the lack of it, supplements are still labeled as “No Approved Therapeutic Claims”, which means it is not officially […]

6 Reasons To Think Twice On High Protein Diet


We are speaking about the “High Protein Diet” and not any other individual approach to the use of protein nor we are sending a bad taste in your mouth regarding protein. Protein is very important! You can skip on other bodily elements such as fat or sugar but not on protein. It is very essential […]

7 Myths Of Modern Medicine


Medicine is as complex as complex itself. The influx of information is insurmountable, new research, new studies, new sets of medical breakthroughs are rolled out consistently. All these compendium of information boggles the mind even of the most illustrious medical gentleman. Much more if the set of information coming through seems contradictory and banging against […]

Carbohydrates: Fast And Slow Release?


Who doesn’t know anything about carbohydrates? Health conscious people shy away from it, some are indifferent to it, but most just don’t care. We know carbohydrates as an element in human nutrition that give us energy to leverage our day, especially to working class citizens. But somewhere in the modern history of our civilization, carbs […]

Life Expectancy Calculator – Try it!


Before you begin counting your days, take note however that there is no sharp mathematical and scientific way of calculating one’s life expectancy. The chart below will show you a rough estimate of your life expectancy. But there is science behind it. The chart was developed by Robert Allen Ph. D. in 1981. Pay special […]

8 Lifehacks For First-Time Moms

The first time you anticipate that bundle of joy coming up, you tend to be a little disoriented. As a mom, you wonder how you are going to handle this growing grace from the inside out. What nutrition are you going to be in? What food to eat? How to handle cravings and aversions? And […]

8 Breastfeeding Lifehacks For Moms


Breastfeeding is one of every mom’s instinctual duty towards her newborn. It is where babies and mommies feel that special connection between them. Mommies are fed with emotional delight from their little ones as babies are fed with their first line of physical and emotional essentials – nutrition and love. And most moms breastfeed their […]

10 Things You Need To Know About Aspirins


Aspirin is a world-renowned pain-killer and reliever. It has become a household name that it went beyond hospital walls and became a regular household over the counters. Here are are handful of things you might need to know about Aspirins before even taking them. 1. Aspirins are pain relievers. You might be taking them indiscriminately, […]