Edible Gardening: Basil

The sweet, fragrant leaves of basil add a delicious, licorice-like flavour to salads and tomato-based dishes. Features: Fragrant, Decorative leaves, White or Light Purple flowers Height: 30 – 60cm – 1.5cm (12 – 24”) Spread: 30cm – 35 m (12 – 18”) Getting Started Basil is easy to start from seed. Start seeds indoors about […]

Edible Gardening: Asparagus

The large, ferny growth that asparagus develops comes as quite a surprise to first-time growers who may have only seen tidy bunches of spears at the grocery store. Asparagus is a member of the lily family, and well established plants can last a lifetime, producing tasty spears every spring. Features: Perennial, Editable Spring Shoots, Ferny […]

The Evolution Of Societies And Your Health

Obviously we did not started with a laptop on the desk and a cup of joe on the side. Things were so different many years ago. What you have now is not even a dream nor an imagination thousand of years ago. If our ancestors could exist for a second in front of us, they […]

Edible Gardening: Amaranth


Amaranth provides one of the most complete sources of protein available in a grain. This drought-resistant plant prolific, producing up to 10,000 seed in a single flowerhead. Combine amaranth with sunflowers for an impressive late season display. The seeheads of both will be ready for the harvesting at about the same time. Source: Pima County […]