The Beauty of Human Existence

In a world, wherein you can’t personally be born, you tremble in fear even in the thoughts of leaving everything behind. Nature has only given you a single lifetime. And added to that, that single and individual lifetime’s lifespan is inevitably ambivalent. You are always clueless when it is going to end. In the lofty unfolding of its cluelessness, you and I journey through a steep, shady, and slippery path we call life; we are thrown into its pangs and perils. This state of being-thrown-into is never a curse, not even an outrageous ordeal. It is just the way things are, wherein we are drawn to face myriads of holding-on and letting-go; and the best part of it, all these bear painful consequences.

Be steadfast then, continue to keep up with all these pains for they are fire that shutters the rust and gunk in us; purifying in us the gem of our truest value, wherein we are made wise. We rise, beyond all telling, as someone who is fearfully and wondrously made, soaring victoriously from the heap of countless misfortunes. The unthinkable fears and the monstrous pain in all life’s thriving is nothing compared to the fierce and the strength we strike every time we rise from the shuttered pieces of our every downfall. But why do we have to rise? Isn’t it enough to learn the lessons of our misfortunes? Or should there be something more in the upheaval of our rise and fall?

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Life is not just about pain and knowing our worth in the enduring of it. In all life’s heroic rising from all the struggles and crushing defeat, there is an ever-concurring quest – which is nothing more than our ultimate life goal! It is the fundamental and existential query about life, about our constant drowning in pain, it is a quest not only to give us justification from life’s distress, but it also gives us certain answers and these in turn give us the edge to look for life’s meaning and ultimately, our very own meaningfulness: “What is really the purpose of my coming into this world?” “What am I here for?” For this, the “meaning-of-being-me” is formed within the recesses of our being. This quest is no other than our life-long search for happiness! Thus, in all our failing and thriving to rise with high hopes of soaring triumphantly, there is always a constant goal to be happy.

Through the series of yearning, reflective personal note leads me to affirm, truly, this is the only reasonable cause and meaning behind our coming into this world. This leads me again to write this poetic aphorism:

If not for Meaning, what is the Life?

Why birth should come to every soul.

If gladness is far-fetched to dreams and making them happened

If so, life is a horrible mess as dying candles toss on the winds of oblivion.

Or a careless bend to the “Road Not taken”, for either way, the arrogance of meaninglessness is as bitter as a one-way ticket to a cruel destitute!

But wait a minute, does life in its briefness really sound that awful?!

In the shifting intricacies of life’s brevity, time is making it longer.

The taste of excruciating pain led us headlong to suffer, to endure and, for the brave, “TO MATURE”!

And in this crisis we call life, our weary souls refuse to die.

That we even tediously and tirelessly by their shattered pieces pick up wisdom who set not for holding unto wounded hearts, but a blasting furnace… a CONFLAGRATION!

Seems broken but is made invincible by the high hopes and that inspires

That dreamers and builders that we are, need countless breaking and ripping-apart to blaze and build strength!

Never disown the countless wrecking torments of burning the midnight’s oil, those lonely dark nights that even the comforts of sound sleep have left us.

These are workshops of the roughest rudimentary of the most childish of souls!

Joyfully embrace the wake of the dusk-til-dawn, for more the forlorn,

It carries and brings us forth the wings and whispers of the Divine!

And its angelic whims have carried and tossed.

Hurled and even blown away any soul that adheres to this warm gentle call.

In anything that we are so passionate about, it awaits the birth of a masterpiece, but it starts for a one heedful soul that prays!

But what about happiness, if that could be so real, is never black or white.

Never should be a rigorous pursuit of the best, as if everything must thrive so hard to take possession of the most Utopian dream of goodness and the most marvelous of things… NEVER!

And just out of the blue, we find ourselves the answer in the most bewildering void,

In the depth of our contemplative pondering, there is that lucid intellectual trance.

We can find wisdom that is closer to the teachings of our Lord.

Hence, happiness, or more accurately, cheerfulness is a philosophy of Life.

It is the Flow, a psychologically acceptable genius in every human experience that projects a capacity so superb that constitutes our conscious, unconscious to a state of the super-conscious that more than imaginings we are spontaneously succumb to the love for fate, not to come what may but come what is out to be!

And for this we ought to pray: “Lord, grant us serenity to accept the things we can’t change, the courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to see the difference…”

Indeed, happiness is a lifelong project. To my mind, the easiest way to get through is by finding someone who can and will readily make your heart smile. But finding out if your heart is already smiling seems metaphorical. It would also take a lifetime as well. Become a cheerful spirit then, never depart from the causes of your rejoicing. Life is too short to bear all the scorches of your hurting and hate. Be joyful then, the lifelong project is no less than your every joyfully cherished moment.


Joven Manlapaz

Author's Corner

Joven, a former seminarian, was a former public School Teacher a fellow academe who advocates meditative journal, a reflective recording of prayers, meditation and reading. He also enjoys sharing his philosophical, scientific and spiritual insights and pedagogical tips on familiar online platforms that carries his drafts and the aphorisms that inspired his learners and audiences in all walks of life. By sharing his profound aphorisms and excerpts in his journals he stirs and inspires his readers to view life philosophically in a broader perspective.

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