Time Is A Great Healer

Life is truly precious, and more precious than just our violability or being able to live as organic and symbiotic beings. The values, and virtues that we bring as we are fashioned and knit with the latent talents engraved even in the standard faculties of the human self that of intellect and will and added to that the capacity to bring in both in a single and individuated gift, the gift to dream and dream big. But the question as we pursue it still rings out in our hearts: “When is the right time to be human in all our dreams?”

“In the right time”, a cliché we often confined ourselves with when we desperately look for healing. When we are so shattered, and to no avail, we are being compelled to search for consoling and comforting answers to the myriads of bitter misfortunes that befell on us. And frequently, we can hear most people say, or even we ourselves said that time is a healer of almost all life’s hurting and pain.

But to face it squarely, while setting our feet in the grounds of experience, is it really time that heals us?

From the heap of the shattered pieces of our lives, is it really time or so to speak of the month and the years that made us whole again? How many of us contain even now the freshness of pain that has turned into grudges from the traumatizing and ill-feeling of unfulfilled dreams or failed relationships. Are the wounds of our hearts cured by years we kept ourselves in hiding?

Basic Steps To Contemplation
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Unless we are not able to transform time into moments, its seconds as our momentum, its hours as our now it will never lead us to have a minute to like, a day to love or ultimately a month or even years to forgive and forget. Without such metamorphosis, we can never be healed. Moments are not a mere counting of the years in our lives, it is rather its opposite. It knows who and what has become of us over the years. It is the meaning we have carved of us which synchronizes with our consciousness about the motions of before and after.

It is no other than the very life we make in ticking of our life span’s clock! Though it doesn’t also defy natural law or any other laws, our moments’ conversion of time is never mathematical or scientific. It follows only the law that speaks deep within – the laws of consciousness and conscience. These laws may not be scientific in their nature, but they are essentially existential that they could have perfected the essence of time as healer. And through this perspective alone, we can see our moments, our possession of time, as a fertile ground wherein authentic healing will take place and will grow.

Moments as a personal version of time have to have been synchronized passive passing over of our many ‘NOW’s which eventually constituted the years in our lives. It just served as a passive material like a ground; we need to see the seed that will actualize the potentials of our healing. And this actively germinating seed of our moments is discernment.

As a dynamic faculty of man to self-heal over time, it is the capacity to weigh situations and events that has a chain-like effect in the series of now-moments we had and will be having in life. It is the active inferential eye of the human heart that reads signs in the manifold events that unfold in human existence. It ponders and reflects on their significance. It analyzes and deciphers the most cryptic and mysterious distresses that inflict lengthy betterment on us. It compares actions and decisions that we have made, and consequently, it shows us the possibilities of success or failure.

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It is the rationally effective scale that calibrates our minds and our hearts as it opens us to a whole new world of opportunities. In a nutshell, discernment’s wisdom comes to us in a metaphor: “If life is a sad song, sing your heart out but don’t forget to sing between the lines!” If we don’t subject ourselves to the yielding, to the paving and prompting of discernment, even the moments of our time will never tell us anything more than the difference of our life’s before and after.

If life is a pencil, we need to write our gift and the talent fairly unique to who we are and there are no excesses to this. We really need to make a mark and to embark the simple steps of keeping up with the hues and strikes of life’s upheavals that is accounted for with. Of course, the bearing of the dreams that made us worthy to become the best of who we are.

Life is a pencil that continues to bring in the strokes of sinew that only dreaming can ever imagine how it can be made possible and now it has been made and attested and confirmed. Let us not waste so much time. Let us never again give in to the vice and whims of dubiousness and procrastination. Let us then remember if not today so when it will be tomorrow will be too late.

Like a pencil, life entails a series of communicative skills, a long line of listening more than talking or expressing or sharing a message. Let as then spread our lives as a manifold form of linguistic skill that we must live a mark. A message that is love, honesty justice and peace making this world and people a bond of brotherhood.

And my friend it’s about time!


Joven Manlapaz

Author's Corner

Joven, a former seminarian, was a former public School Teacher a fellow academe who advocates meditative journal, a reflective recording of prayers, meditation and reading. He also enjoys sharing his philosophical, scientific and spiritual insights and pedagogical tips on familiar online platforms that carries his drafts and the aphorisms that inspired his learners and audiences in all walks of life. By sharing his profound aphorisms and excerpts in his journals he stirs and inspires his readers to view life philosophically in a broader perspective.

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