Top Gifts That Keep on Giving

Are you tired of giving the same gifts over and over again? There are only so many toasters you can give at weddings or gift cards for birthdays before you start to wonder how much value these are actually adding to the recipient’s life. It’s time to think outside the gift box.

Today, Fire In Me shares a few gifts that your loved one won’t soon forget.

Real Estate

Real estate is an investment that virtually always appreciates. After all, land is one of the only truly finite resources we have. Consider gifting money for a down payment, which your intended recipient may not have to pay taxes on, depending on where you live and current guidelines. Although you likely will not pay their entire down payment, the more money they can put down, the less they will wind up paying in overall interest. Plus, they’ll have a lower monthly payment, which can help them afford other essentials.


What better way to give a gift that keeps on giving than helping someone attain that elusive college degree? Helping to cover the cost of tuition is a significant gift that will help someone better their career prospects. Better yet, if they take coursework online the cost of tuition is much more affordable than attending a traditional brick-and-mortar campus, not to mention the flexibility. They can complete classes and take tests wherever and whenever they wish.

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We all know how Beanie Babies turned out, but that doesn’t mean that every collectible will be essentially worthless in years to come. There are many different things that you can give that have high potential to appreciate over time. Go Banking Rates asserts that certain comic books, coins, and even dolls and action figures can sell for much more than their original list price.

Season Tickets

Do you have a sports fanatic in your life? Season tickets are a great gift. Further, they can also help put a little bit of money back into your giftee’s pocket. Many venues allow you to sell unused tickets on the secondary market. But, more importantly, having an opportunity to indulge in something they love will enhance their quality of life and give them memories they’ll cherish forever.


Speaking of memories, there are few memories greater in life than traveling to see other cultures. Give the gift of travel, and you’ll give your gift recipient an opportunity to build bonds, experience new things, and have an adventure. Further, Virtuoso explains that travel can help them relax and rejuvenate, which they may need much more than anything you could wrap.


Whether it’s a wedding, to celebrate the birth of the newborn, or for a special event, photos capture a moment in time that has never and will never happen again. Consider gifting your loved ones a photography package. You can also invest in canvases, prints, and frames so that they can display their treasured keepsakes forever. Look for a photographer that’s willing to step outside of the studio for truly unique photographs.

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Cryptocurrency is still a relatively nascent technology. But, as people become more and more reliant on digital assets, crypto may continue to increase in value. Do keep in mind, crypto is highly volatile, and your recipient could lose their entire gift. But, if we’ve learned anything from Bitcoin, it’s that anything is possible in the digital age. If you’re not comfortable with blockchain gifts, you always have the option to purchase traditional stocks or bonds, which may be a particularly good investment when gifting to young children.

Show your loved one that you care by giving them gifts that will enhance their life or increase their net worth. The above are just a few ideas, but you should never be afraid to think outside of the ordinary. Just as no two people are alike, no single gift is perfect for everyone, and you aren’t limited to what you can find on the big box retail shelves.


Ted James

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